Monday, March 29, 2010


Bedtime isn't the easiest time of day at our house. Noah is pretty unpredictable in his sleeping habits. He still can randomly wake up screaming at any hour for no apparent reason. There are days where I still feel like a newborn walking zombie momma and other days I feel like I have a teenager repeatedly telling him to wake up.

On Saturday night it really hit me that Noah is growing up. We did our normal bedtime routine. He had a bath, brushed his teeth, put his bedtime lotion on and his jammies. There are nights when we have to read story after story for Noah to go to sleep. Some nights we even have to pretend that we are sleeping to get him to sleep and slowly creep out to not wake him up. Well that night he did nothing of the sort.

I placed him in bed and grabbed one of his many Dr. Seuss books. I began to read and he kept on going "shhhhhh" very softly. I thought he was trying to soothe himself but with every word he kept on going "shhhh". So, I stopped. He then said "shh mama, shhh".

I got up off the floor and turned his light off and he blows me a kiss and goes "night night mommy". Squee! I just about lost it. I came out and told Clint the story and he was just as taken back as I was (since this is nowhere near the norm). I wanted to cry, I wanted to just run in and give him a big hug. Where is my baby? :(

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