Friday, February 26, 2010

This time 2 years ago....

I was holding my little newborn boy...whom I swore was a girl! I can't believe 2 years have come and gone. Where did it go?

To see a newborn turn into a toddler is really incredible. I mean in 2 years he went from needing to be woken up during the night to be fed, to screaming for cake in the Starbucks line. My how times have changed!

I miss Noah being so little, but I love how much fun he is right now. It doesn't help that he is the cutest boy in the world every parent says that...but seriously mine is! HAHA! I've been having a blast with him lately. Everything is just so much fun.

At every age I say "Oh, this age is my favorite!". It's just fun all around to be a parent. Sure, there are times I wish the screaming would stop or I wish I could sleep in on the weekends but I couldn't imagine my life without Noah.

So I shall end this blog before I get sloppy dramatic with HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOAH!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2? Really? 2!!

I can't believe Noah turns 2 this month. 2! I never understood parents when they would say things like this but boy do I now. Where did my little baby boy go? You know the one who kept me up most nights screaming...or the one who had me laughing hysterically with his cute laugh when I sang "Itsy Bitsy Spider"? If you find this little baby boy, please send him back my way.

Not to confuse you, I do love him growing up. Every day it's something new. It's always something exciting and fun. But, there is just something about a little bitty baby. Maybe it's the tiny outfits, soft skin and their innocent smiles? Who knows, either way I miss my little baby.

Mambo to Miami

Holy crap, the Saints are going to the Superbowl! I can't believe it. Seriously, this is amazing.

I actually watched the playoff game. I know, it's so unlike me. I don't understand football at all, I just don't get it. I decided to watch this game since it was an important game and it was pretty fun! My family was over and we were all anxiously awaiting for a win.

When we headed into overtime we all got pretty nervous, I mean it was such a nail biter! When we kicked and won everyone in the house was yelling and screaming. It was so exciting!

My husband cried. Yes cried like a big fat baby. He didn't cry at our wedding...or when I gave birth to his son, but he cried over a playoff game. Pretty nice huh? Hopefully if/when we have another baby he will at least fake cry for it. Yes, I'm a bit bitter. Haha!

But anywho, back to the game! Once the Saints won Clint and my brother in law Brian were jumping up and down screaming and picking each other up (more like Clint picking Brian up!). It was really cute. People were outside popping fireworks it was very surreal and incredible. It's so much fun for everyone to be so positive and excited!

This past week the city is electric. Everyone is wearing black and gold and anything SAINTS is flying off the shelf. Schools have even canceled class for next Monday. It's nuts here! Hopefully the Saints win, but just coming this far has been amazing.

Bless you boys! Who dat!