Saturday, January 23, 2010

Scary Night

Last night Clint, Noah and I are all eating dinner. Since last week when Noah had RSV, Clint and I have both had a pretty bad cold. You know the kind with a TERRIBLE cough that just hasn't let up yet. Well, we were all eating dinner and then Clint just kept on coughing. He was coughing so hard his face was red but I wasn't too alarmed b/c this happens a lot. Well I got pretty scared and kept on saying his name and then all of a sudden he just fell out of his chair onto the ground.

Clint is quite the prankster so I was thinking..oh ok, this is just a joke! He is trying to be funny. So, I said "get up, it's not funny...c'mon get up!". Well, he wasn't waking up. I walked over to him, yelled at him to get up and no response. I started freaking out, I didn't know what to do so I slapped him in the face to get some response. This lasted 30 seconds to a minute and then all of a sudden he got up and was like "What? Why are you yelling at me?".

When he got up he had blood streaming down his face! I was hysterical, I couldn't believe it. The way he fell he hit his head on our brick bar. On one side of his forehead is this big knot and the other is the blood wound.

Noah and I were crying and freaking out while Clint had no idea why we were like this. Blood was all on the floor and everything. It was very scary. Thankfuly my mom lives a few blocks from us and came over ASAP to stay with Noah and I took Clint to the ER.

His blood pressure and heart rate were VERY high. A number of tests were run like a chest x-ray and an ekg. Those tests came out to be fine. They then took blood and one of the blood tests showed he may have a blood clot in his lung. A CT scan was already ordered for his head, so they know ordered one for his lungs.

Seeing Clint get the iv put in was one of the worst parts. It's hard when you see a grown man get so squimish over this. I can relate b/c I hate it too! He actually had to get 2 separate IV's put in each arm. I felt so bad for him b/c he really hated it.

Well the CT scan showed everything was fine...phew! So, he just passed out for a second from coughing. It was very very scary but I'm just so glad he is OK. Between being in the hospital last week with DS and now this...I'm getting nervous like what else is going to happen!

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