Monday, January 11, 2010

RSV and what?

Noah has been very lifeless and just blah all day. He wouldn't eat anything except a yogurt since Friday. He would barely drink anything at all and he only wanted to sleep.
I got pretty nervous because whenever I moved him he would just go "NO, no!". His fever was still very high and wouldn't go down. I was worried about dehydration because since he was drinking and he was barely having any wet diapers.
With all of these problems we decided to call the dr. We explained what was going on and he suggested to go to Childrens Hospital. We were kinda taken off guard b/c he said "go to Children's b/c EJ doesn't admit children". Admit? We are thinking of being admitted? Seriously?
So, off we went. The service at Childrens ER was great. Everything was super fast and everyone was very nice. Noah had to get a chest X-Ray and there were some parts that made everyone think that he has pneumonia. So, the official verdict would come tomorrow from the radiologist but we were going to treat it as if he has it. He started medication for it.
He was also given breathing treatments and they were checking his oxygen levels. To their surprise it was pretty low and it was a cause of concern. They decided to hook him up to oxygen. This part wasn't fun. Trying to get him to lay there with oxygen on was pretty miserable.
We finally got into a room just a bit after midnight. Clint went to the house to let the pooch out and to feed him. He also picked us up some food. Hopefully we won't be here long! He is hooked up to fluids and oxygen. We will keep you updated!

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