Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Night Walker

Noah has been waking up the past 2 nights in the middle of the night. NO idea why. He goes down fine in his room in his crib with no problems. I go check on him and he just won't settle down, so since I'm super tired at 2AM I just give in and bring him into bed with us.
Ugh. What a mistake. I can NOT sleep with Noah in our bed. He kicks non stop and he doesn't like the covers and will scream "NO" when you put them on. Sounds like a great time to sleep eh? Yeah, it's not. From 2AM-6AM this went on. It was driving me bonkers. Being kicked in the chest isn't fun when you are half asleep.
Anyway, Clint woke up around 6 to go to the bathroom. He comes back out and was yelling at me. I was like "huh?". Turns out Noah got out of bed, opened the door and was headed to the den. Somehow in Clint's mind this was my fault..you know b/c I was awake and all right? Err.
Anyway, this just made me think what would happen if he was out of his crib. He would just randomly wake up and be all about in the house alone. The thought of this really scares me!

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