Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Long Day

Ahh, what a long day. The days here seem so long. There isn't a clock on our wall so we have no idea what time it is at any given moment unless we look at our cell. It kinda makes you go stir crazy.
This morning started out well. He was taken off of the oxygen, yay! However, we were then told that we would be staying the night. I was thinking we would be released today so that was a bit of a bummer. I knew the "rule" of him being off of oxygen for 24hrs but I was just hoping. Sleeping on a pull out chair isn't ideal...nor the fact that I don't even have a hair brush here.
Things seem to be looking up. He is fighting us more and trying to escape his crib, which shows that he has the energy to do so. He has been playing with us more which has been fun. I feel so bad for him because he just wants to walk around but he can't. I remember being on bed rest and hating it, so I can imagine how hard this must be on an almost 2 year old.
The only thing Noah will eat are goldfish, cookies and cake. Since he still wasn't drinking a lot the nurse suggested we try a bottle. All of our sippies were now dirty and they don't have any sippie cups here to use. Noah thinks drinking with a straw is funny and more of a game which can be fun but it's hard for him to do this independently in his crib. So, bottle it is.
Once I gave Noah a bottle of milk he SUCKED it down. He then drank another bottle! This was great. I wasn't happy it was from a bottle, but at this point it didn't matter.
Sorry if I'm skipping around! Someone is constantly walking in and out. Anyway, quick recap! Noah is off of oxygen and fluids. His oxygen levels are OK-not great but oxygen isn't needed as of yet. He is drinking fluids but only from a bottle. His hydrocele is looking just OK.
I hope we get to go home tomorrow! Please cross your fingers!

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