Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ENT Visit

Today we took Noah to see a pediatric ENT. She is actually one of the faculty members in our department so I'm very confident in her work, plus she is a really funny person! The day started off by getting his hearing done. The test was kinda cute. The audiologist would press buttons to activate like a little puppy barking in the room, or maybe a monkey with symbals. You get the picture.

Noah still had an ear infection and for some parts of the test I was thinking "Noah turn your head...don't you hear that dog barking on the right?" but sometimes he didn't. They said his hearing wasn't a problem and that he was fine. He did have a bit of a delay in one ear but that was expected because that was the ear with the infection.

Once we met with the doc we went over the procedure for tubes, what it entails and what will be done. I have to admit I'm very nervous about this. Not nervous about the procedure really but more just the anesthesia. She said since Clint and I have both had anesthesia and have had no problems Noah should be fine. The procedure is very short like 15 minutes so that reassures me some that he isn't out for like hours.

The surgery is going to be next week...so please keep us in your prayers! January has been a VERY hard month on us but I'm hopefull this surgery will turn my sick boy into a healthy one! Plus we need to be well for February. Disney, birthday parties and Mardi Gras await us!

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