Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

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This Christmas was our 1st Christmas in our house. Ahh, what a great feeling that was! Which by the way, I still need to get an ornament that says that. You can tell that I'm totally on the ball.

I know last year was Noah's 1st Christmas, but this year I really felt like a mom. We were the ones (well err...Clint was) putting together the gifts. I was wrapping the gifts and making the bows on gifts. It takes a lot of work to be Santa! Clint spent many hours putting together that kitchen for Noah to break the oven door within 24 hours.

Seeing "Santa" deliver all the gifts under the tree was very surreal to me. I felt like things came 360 or something. I'm now the Mama. I'm the one, well WE are the ones who make the memories for Noah.

Noah loved his kitchen and the dinosaur Kota. He got so much that I'm actually hiding some gifts unopened for our upcoming Disney car ride and for times during the year when he is bored with old toys. I think Santa would think that is ok.

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