Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today has been a very long and surprising day. Noah was taken off of the oxygen to see how he would do without it. He has to be without oxygen for 24 hours before he is allowed to go home. So this was a good sign to let him get off of it.
However, that was short lived. It was obvious he needed help breathing so he went back on oxygen. This morning he did eat some breakfast, which was great! He ate some biscuit. I was very happy because the last food he ate was over the weekend and it was only yogurt.
He still wasn't drinking very much so he had to stay on the fluids. He will have a sip here and there. He thinks it's hilarious to drink out of a straw, so that is what we have been doing.
This afternoon I noticed some BIG red bumps on Noah's arm. What the hell? Seems as though he has some hives. We have no idea how this happened. The dr's decided to give him some benadryl. This knocked him out quite a bit.
He is being offered breathing treatments since he has been here. Some times he hates it, some times he tolerates it. Poor thing! I feel so bad for him. They come in every few hours to suction out his nose, give him nose drops and eye drops. It takes Clint and I holding him down with all of our stregnth because he fights them so bad.
Noah was pretty out of it the whole day. It wasn't fun. My sister Monique came by and Clint and I ran out to get some dinner. That was nice. Within a few minutes of her leaving he made like a 360! He was sitting up and coloring! He was having fun and was responsive. We were pretty excited!
My dad came by to visit. Noah loved seeing his "Paw Paw". He kept on wanting to give him high 5's. It's kinda sad to see everyone come in with masks and gloves. Boo. I think it makes Noah a bit scared too.
The newest thing wrong with Noah is a hydocele. It's hard to explain so google it. I noticed this while changing his diaper. It was VERY swollen and alarming. Not sure what will happen with this. For now we are just watching it and it's not a hernia.
Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers we will keep everyone updated! Clint's work sent him a cookie boquet and he loves it! He got so excited, it was pretty adorable. That's one of the things he would eat.

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