Friday, January 29, 2010

Ahh, the iphone!

I have joined the rest of the world and bought an iphone. Let me just begin to tell you how awesome this thing is. It's going to change my life...or so I kid.

The applications are freaking outstanding! They have this one where it tells you wait times in Disney World! How amazing is that? I know it takes a Disney freak to really love this application but you have to admit that is pretty cool. They also have another application with the current park times for Disney, this will definitely come in handy in a few weeks.

Shazam is also a great application. You just turn the application on and it will identify what song is on the radio. Now, that's just pure magic in my opinion.

And with this blog I will end by saying that technology is grand my friend! I feel like Napoleon Dynamite's brother "I love technology....but not as much you you seeee"!!!

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JennySays said...

hahaha you would have the disney app!!! awesome