Thursday, December 3, 2009


So, we have our Christmas tree up. At first Noah kept on going by the tree and was pulling on ornaments. The only way I can get him to not touch it is yell "HOT!" and it works. Phew! Thank goodness b/c if he broke some of my ornaments I may have a break down.

Anywho, last year when we went to Disney I bought one of those table top trees. You know, the small ones? I unpacked it this year and so far it's just hanging out being pulled around the house by Noah. On Monday I picked up a pack of the unbreakable/shatterproof ornaments at KMart. I was thinking I could put the tree up on the bar or something, just a little bit of decor.

Somehow Noah found the box of ornaments (they were on the dining room table)and all of a sudden I just hear things hit the ground. I came running expecting the worst like somehow my china breaking on the floor or something...but no, it was the ornaments!

Needless to say the ornaments ARE shatterproof! About 6 of them hit the ground....and they are ALL intact! Thanks KMart!

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