Friday, December 11, 2009

One of those days

Yesterday, Noah went to "school" which to him is always exciting. He doesn't nap since it's 4 hours so he usually gets his usual nap in the afternoon. Well, he didn't yesterday. My mom said he wouldn't even shut his eyes. Joy!
So, once we got home I started to make dinner. I kept on hearing a SLAM and then Noah giggling. I can see Noah's bedroom if I stand in the den/kitchen in a certain position and I saw his door was shut.
I went in and told him we can't shut the door, well he didn't care and kept on shutting it. When I would open it he would just be chillin' in his chair or doing a puzzle so it wasn't like he was up to no good. Anyway, we continued that throught me making dinner.
Once dinner was made I went to put him in his high chair and ofcourse he had a dirty diaper. Nothing is more appetising then changing a dirty diaper before dinner. Yum.
So, we finally ate dinner and I look over at Noah and his eyes are closed and he is nodding off. However, he is still munching slowly on a peice of bread. It was rather hilarious. So, I decided to put him to bed. It was only 7 which is early for him. When I went to get him out of the chair he threw his plate across the room and spaghetti and meatballs went all over the floor. Thankfully I have a chihuahua to eat it all up!
I dressed him for bed and we had our nightly "No, no, NO" screaming and crying. Since it was so early, I caved. I put him down and he ran into the den. He kept on trying to come and snuggle on me and I told him he needed to go "night, night".
He then went to the rug, put his head on a pillow and fell fast asleep. What a miracle! Putting Noah to bed lately has been a fight.
I couldn't believe he was asleep by 7:15! Clint had a final at 8 so I had free time! Oh, how did I spend this free time? Cleaning, mopping and folding clothes? Nah...I played the wii and then dyed my hair.
So, yeah I had to deal with a crazy Noah but I got a few chill hours out of it. Score!

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