Thursday, December 31, 2009


I seriously can't believe tomorrow is New Year's Eve. Where did the time go? Weren't we just carving pumpkins? I never understood when my mom would say things like that, but wow do I now understand.
So, resolutions. Ahh, of course I am wanting to get in shape and lose weight. Duh. I went back and read my resolutions for 2009, and seems like I didn't follow through. I wanted to love those more who love me...meaning to stop trying/reaching out to those who don't. This is my resolution for 2010 (along with a pile of other things).
For me this is a real challenge. I obviously have a very hard time at this. I feel like I am forever reaching out to people who just don't reach back. Why do I keep on doing this? Why do I put myself out for rejection time after time? I need to find this secret. I hope I find it somewhere in 2010.
I definitely need to stop taking things for granted. I have to thing to myself and say "Will this matter in a year?"...and more than likely the current situation won't. Don't sweat the small stuff-I need to learn this as well. Oh yeah and while I'm talking about it, I hope I can learn to not wear my heart on my sleeve.
2008 and 2009 were very big years in our lives...oh yeah include 2007 in that too. I'm not sure what 2010 will bring but hopefully it just makes our love grow stronger and our lives get richer (yes...super corny I know but hey, it's a resolution!).

Ahh...the holidays!

I look forward to the holidays all.freakin.year! Seriously, I get off 2 weeks during the holidays and by the summer I'm already looking forward to the time off. Is it because I like the escape from work? I guess to a point...but it's more that I like spending time with Noah. I love not having to rush when we wake up in the mornings to work. I love that we can chill in our jammies and eat cheerios and watch Handy Manny.
Now don't get me wrong, I am VERY thankful for my job. VERY thankful I may add. It's just that those few and very short weeks are very much appreciated. Being a full time working mom hasn't been easy, and at times it's made me get very sad. I feel like I miss out on things with Noah. However, since my mom watches Noah I know he is having a great time with her and spending time with "Gigi" is never a dull moment .
Clint has also been home. We have gotten a LOT of things done around the house and it's just been nice chilling at home. During this time we have totally beaten the new Super Mario Bros. game on the Wii. Teehee!
Ahhh...back to the grind on Monday!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

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This Christmas was our 1st Christmas in our house. Ahh, what a great feeling that was! Which by the way, I still need to get an ornament that says that. You can tell that I'm totally on the ball.

I know last year was Noah's 1st Christmas, but this year I really felt like a mom. We were the ones (well err...Clint was) putting together the gifts. I was wrapping the gifts and making the bows on gifts. It takes a lot of work to be Santa! Clint spent many hours putting together that kitchen for Noah to break the oven door within 24 hours.

Seeing "Santa" deliver all the gifts under the tree was very surreal to me. I felt like things came 360 or something. I'm now the Mama. I'm the one, well WE are the ones who make the memories for Noah.

Noah loved his kitchen and the dinosaur Kota. He got so much that I'm actually hiding some gifts unopened for our upcoming Disney car ride and for times during the year when he is bored with old toys. I think Santa would think that is ok.

Friday, December 11, 2009

One of those days

Yesterday, Noah went to "school" which to him is always exciting. He doesn't nap since it's 4 hours so he usually gets his usual nap in the afternoon. Well, he didn't yesterday. My mom said he wouldn't even shut his eyes. Joy!
So, once we got home I started to make dinner. I kept on hearing a SLAM and then Noah giggling. I can see Noah's bedroom if I stand in the den/kitchen in a certain position and I saw his door was shut.
I went in and told him we can't shut the door, well he didn't care and kept on shutting it. When I would open it he would just be chillin' in his chair or doing a puzzle so it wasn't like he was up to no good. Anyway, we continued that throught me making dinner.
Once dinner was made I went to put him in his high chair and ofcourse he had a dirty diaper. Nothing is more appetising then changing a dirty diaper before dinner. Yum.
So, we finally ate dinner and I look over at Noah and his eyes are closed and he is nodding off. However, he is still munching slowly on a peice of bread. It was rather hilarious. So, I decided to put him to bed. It was only 7 which is early for him. When I went to get him out of the chair he threw his plate across the room and spaghetti and meatballs went all over the floor. Thankfully I have a chihuahua to eat it all up!
I dressed him for bed and we had our nightly "No, no, NO" screaming and crying. Since it was so early, I caved. I put him down and he ran into the den. He kept on trying to come and snuggle on me and I told him he needed to go "night, night".
He then went to the rug, put his head on a pillow and fell fast asleep. What a miracle! Putting Noah to bed lately has been a fight.
I couldn't believe he was asleep by 7:15! Clint had a final at 8 so I had free time! Oh, how did I spend this free time? Cleaning, mopping and folding clothes? Nah...I played the wii and then dyed my hair.
So, yeah I had to deal with a crazy Noah but I got a few chill hours out of it. Score!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Noah just discovered that when you say "you" in conversation/question that it means HIM (yeah I can't explain that with it!). Anyway, I'll ask him "Noah, do you want to eat?" he reponds in a very cute questioning tone with "Me?!?". It's adorable! For some reason this made him seem so big to me. Now, I just ask questions to hear the "Me?" response!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


So, we have our Christmas tree up. At first Noah kept on going by the tree and was pulling on ornaments. The only way I can get him to not touch it is yell "HOT!" and it works. Phew! Thank goodness b/c if he broke some of my ornaments I may have a break down.

Anywho, last year when we went to Disney I bought one of those table top trees. You know, the small ones? I unpacked it this year and so far it's just hanging out being pulled around the house by Noah. On Monday I picked up a pack of the unbreakable/shatterproof ornaments at KMart. I was thinking I could put the tree up on the bar or something, just a little bit of decor.

Somehow Noah found the box of ornaments (they were on the dining room table)and all of a sudden I just hear things hit the ground. I came running expecting the worst like somehow my china breaking on the floor or something...but no, it was the ornaments!

Needless to say the ornaments ARE shatterproof! About 6 of them hit the ground....and they are ALL intact! Thanks KMart!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Potty Training?

Yes, I realize I'm one of those annoying mothers who think it's exciting when their kid says "POOP!". Believe me non mothers, when you have a bay-bay you will understand how big of a deal this is...but until this just think I'm crazy and roll your eyes. Teehee.

Tonight Noah kept on saying "Poop? Mama...POOP!" and he kept on hitting his behind. So, I would then check and see if he needed a diaper change and he didn't. Hmm. I began to think, is he telling me he needs to go to the potty? I really haven't even THOUGHT about potty training yet b/c boys do it much later than girls from what I've heard and seen (my nephew was over 3 before he was fully potty trained). Plus, I'm in no hurry. I really think this is something that will come when he is ready, not when I am ready.

Anyways, he kept on saying "POOP MAMA", so I scooped him up and headed to his bathroom and placed him on the potty. Once he got there he just looked at me and giggled and said again "Poop!". Well...we just sat...and sat...while Noah just kept on giggling.

Nothing became of this, but maybe it's a sign he will be ready sooner than I thought. Things that make you go Hmmmmm.