Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

At the outlet mall in Gulfport they have a "midnight maddness" sale starting at 12AM on Black Friday. My family went last year and I was anxious to hit up this sale. I'm always up for a bargain so I was very excited.
My sister Robin and I drove together to the outlets. The line on the interstate was as far as I could see! Thankfully since we were coming in the opposite direction we didn't have a long wait.
We were really fooled thinking "wow, this isn't that bad", then we realized we parked in Egypt. Seriously, it was in the Home Depot parking lot that was next to a swampy wet mess..THEN the parking lot for the outlets. Anyway, we began our journey.
First take note that it was pretty darn chilly. I'm not one to pull out the hoodie at 72 degrees, so for me to say it was cold meant it was actually COLD!
We started at Carters. They had a 50% off everything sale, then an additional 10%! Score! They had Melissa and Doug puzzles, so I snagged some of those up for the Noah-ster. The line took us atleast 40 minutes. Sheesh.
We then went from store to store and really didn't find anything great. Since Robin lives so close she noticed some of the sales were the same as the weekend before! What lies from the retailers! Grrr! We walked around for about an hour, saw our family and then called it a day. I really liked this pair of pj's for Noah from Gymboree for 5.99...but was it worth the 35+ minute wait? Nah. Not really.
It was definetly an experience, but I'm not sure I'll do it again. Only time will tell.

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