Monday, November 16, 2009

1st haircut

So, I have been putting off Noah's haircut for some time now. I love the curls, I really do. However, fighting Noah to brush his hair wasn't fun. After his bath I had to spray tons of detangler on it and then try to comb it. Needless to say Noah didn't like that. So, with all of that it was time.

We took Noah to a children's salon. He got to sit in a taxi for his haircut. The first snip the lady took, my heart sank! I was I really want to do this? But, by that time it was too late. All the curls went away and a big boy emerged! I swear he looks like he is 5 now.

He is still SO cute but in a way I miss his flowy surfer boy hair! It's just hair, it will grow back. I looked at his bday pics and even our Florida picture s(from August) and his hair wasn't CRAZY long like it was before the haircut. He just need to "clean it up" a bit. I'd love for him to have those little boy bowl haircuts, but he doesn't have the thick hair for it.

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