Friday, October 2, 2009

You only have one?

Ok, ok this may come off a bit mean but I'm sick of everyone asking me when I'm going to have another baby. Do I want another baby? Yes! I very much so want to have more children. Am I pregnant? No, not yet.
Everyone thinks they know the "right" time for someone to have another baby. I'm even talking about complete strangers. Two people, yes TWO asked me when I was having another one in the line at Lowes to get paint! An old man goes "you shouldn't wait, do it now, believe me". Well, thanks old man but I really don't appreciate your comments on the spacing of my children. Then a mother goes "OH, my kids are 24 months apart and it has worked out great. You should really get pregnant soon so they will be close, if not they won't be close when they grow up!". Seriously? My sisters are 7 and 14 years older than me and I think we get along just fine. Would I have liked a play mate closer to my age? Yes, I would have. However, that doesn't mean we would be more or less close compared to my sisters.
Plus, what if I wanted only 1 child? OR, what if I couldn't have anymore children? You never know someones problem and for a complete stranger to give unwanted advice is very odd.
Sorry for the vent, but I'm sick of people asking me about this. Well, not asking me. I'm sick of people telling me what to do regarding this.
Vent over.


Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU!!! I was sooo sick of people telling me "get pregnant now so your kids are close in age", "your not getting any younger", "what are you waiting for", "when are your getting off birth control"... seriously, it made me want to scream!!! Leave us alone!!! We'll get pregnant when we are good and ready!!! Oh, and strangers... who the hell do they think they are?!?! SHUT UP strange, obnoxious, woman with children who are running around the store acting like devils while my daughter is sitting there well behaved (as if I'm going to take advice from you)!!!

Oh Mary, I COMPLETELY agree and understand your frustration!!!