Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It is is fall

the leaves are falling everywhere...that means it's FALL! (sorry, Yo Gabba Gabba gets stuck in my head 24/7).

Ahh it's October. It's cooled off a bit and there are a lot of "boo's" out there. In the beginning of October Noah hated ALL THINGS HALLOWEEN. Seriously, Clint scarred him for life at Lowes (see a few posts back).

A few weekends ago we went to Red Bluff Farms in Folsom, LA with Clint's mom and sister. It was fun, they had animals and a few pumpkins. We took a hayride it was cute. After that we headed to the farmers market to pick out pumpkins. And it was so nice b/c it wasn't 90+ degrees. I mean seriously, what fun is it to pick out pumpkins in that sort of heat? Ick.

Last weekend we headed to "Park A Boo" at Lafeniere park. My sister was in town with her rug rats, so we all went down and had a good time. They had Barney, SpongeBob and some crazy looking creatures walking about. Noah's favorite thing was the music where he could bust out his moves and shake his money maker (ok, I kid, I kid, his tush!). The kiddos seemed to have a good time and they looked adorable of course.

This weekend is Noah's 1st real Halloween (last year he was!). I'm excited. Our front yard has 2 blow ups..or BOO'S as Noah says. Plus, some fun pumpkin lights. It's like Clark Griswald himself put up some decorations. I wonder what Clark...err, I mean Clint has in store for Christmas. Stay tuned!!!

Welcome to my room

Noah loves his room, I mean reallllly loves it. When people come over he brings him to the room and points to everything. To his pictures he says "Bebe!!!" and to the animals Angela painted he just starts sherieking and pointing. It's really cute.

Last night my parents came over and ofcourse, Noah brought them to his room. So, my parents kept on saying things like "Oh Noah, your room is so nice"...blah blah blah. Well, my mom goes to leave his room and Noah runs infront of her and shuts the door. He was holding them hostage in his room! How cute is that? I swear, his cuteness is too much to bear some days.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I'm A Believer

So, last night I come home from seeing Jade's baby (who by the way is super cute) and found Noah sitting on the couch. He was clapping and moving his little body. Clint said that he had to rewind the last 15 minutes of Shrek a few times. He said that Noah's loves when all the characters dance and sing to "I'm A Believer". It was so cute. Noah definetly loves to dance, sing and clap his little hands. Here is the video, it is super cute.

Friday, October 2, 2009

YAY for new appliances!

We haven't had a dishwasher in over 2 years. So, in 2 years I have dreaded to do the dishes. For some reason, I don't feel dishes are clean unless they have gone through the dishwasher. You see the dilemma I've had for the past 2 years then.
Anywho, we now have a dishwasher! YAY! My life has totally changed, it's fab.
On another note, our washer and dryer is now inside! At our old place the laundry room was outside. I hated it! If it rained it was a pain to do laundry. What a headache., it's perfect! YAY!

You only have one?

Ok, ok this may come off a bit mean but I'm sick of everyone asking me when I'm going to have another baby. Do I want another baby? Yes! I very much so want to have more children. Am I pregnant? No, not yet.
Everyone thinks they know the "right" time for someone to have another baby. I'm even talking about complete strangers. Two people, yes TWO asked me when I was having another one in the line at Lowes to get paint! An old man goes "you shouldn't wait, do it now, believe me". Well, thanks old man but I really don't appreciate your comments on the spacing of my children. Then a mother goes "OH, my kids are 24 months apart and it has worked out great. You should really get pregnant soon so they will be close, if not they won't be close when they grow up!". Seriously? My sisters are 7 and 14 years older than me and I think we get along just fine. Would I have liked a play mate closer to my age? Yes, I would have. However, that doesn't mean we would be more or less close compared to my sisters.
Plus, what if I wanted only 1 child? OR, what if I couldn't have anymore children? You never know someones problem and for a complete stranger to give unwanted advice is very odd.
Sorry for the vent, but I'm sick of people asking me about this. Well, not asking me. I'm sick of people telling me what to do regarding this.
Vent over.