Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm just trying to help!

Last night Noah decided to take all of Uneaux's food and put it piece by piece into the water bowl. He must have done this pretty fast because as soon as I finished loading the dishwasher I found this. So, as I was cleaning up the water bowl (fishing out the old dog food and throwing it in the trash), Noah then comes up and pushes me out of the way and dumps the other bowl of Uneaux's food into the trash can! I guess he thought he was helping but as soon as I realized what he was doing I screamed "NOAH!" and then he dropped the whole bowl of food on the ground. Great...so not only was I cleaning the bowl mess he caused, Clint then had to sweep the floor. I know he thought he was helping but it caused a great mess. He really didn't understand why we were upset and correcting him. Oh well, he is too cute to stay mad at for long!

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