Friday, September 4, 2009

I think he likes it

This week Clint and I had to go to orientation for Noah's "school". It was so cute, I felt like a real parent. It was adorable to see his little name on the bulletin boards and to see his schedule. It made me more excited than sad, which is good.
A few days after orientation they then invite the parents with their kids to come to meet the teachers and their classmates. Once we got there Noah just ran off and totally dissed us. I don't think he even looked for us once, he was over it kinda like "Oh Mom, I got this!". It was neat to see him interact with other children. There were a few fights that broke out over dolls and trucks, but over all it was great. A little girl even followed him around and put her arm around him. I think he may have a girlfriend!
When we told Noah it was time to leave, he had a crazy tantrum. He started screaming and he threw himself on the floor and started kicking. Everyone thought this was funny ofcourse, except for Clint and I. I'm glad he liked it though and didn't want to leave. I hope he feels the same way next week.

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