Friday, September 4, 2009

18 Months

I took Noah in for his 18 month appointment last week. Talk about a miserable experience. It seems that no matter what time of day I have my appointment, I wait forever. I hate it! Sometimes Noah is an angel and other times he isn't. After waiting at least 30+ minutes in the waiting room we finally got to another room where we could begin another wait! Noah is now 29lbs and I *think* 33 inches (I didn't write the inches down).
Noah did fine with the doctor. He was playing with her and acting totally cute. However, as soon as she left he became out of control! We were waiting on his shots and it took forever. So picture Noah stripped down to his diaper and screaming non stop. "Mama, bye bye...MAMA bye BYE!", I was losing it. After waiting 20 minutes for the shots (which I NEVER wait that long), I then decided to open up our door so everyone can hear the screams. magic the shots arrived! Hooray! Noah didn't do well with the shots, he did his typical heart breaking cry. It makes me so sad. Wahhh.

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