Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The way you make me feel!

Noah loooves music. He dances in his room and claps his little hands. His favorite toy is his boom box. He loves to pick it up and walk around with it, you would think it's 1984! Anywho, this morning in the car I was listening to my awesome MJ cd Tiffany made for me and the song "The Way You Make Me Feel" came on. I glanced back and Noah's whole body was stiff/straight except for his neck that he moved side to side to the music. His face was totally emotionless but he was jamming to the music, then all of a sudden he started clapping. I looked back and started laughing and he got embarassed. I told him to keep on dancing and he smiled and started clapping again. It was so cute.

I'm just trying to help!

Last night Noah decided to take all of Uneaux's food and put it piece by piece into the water bowl. He must have done this pretty fast because as soon as I finished loading the dishwasher I found this. So, as I was cleaning up the water bowl (fishing out the old dog food and throwing it in the trash), Noah then comes up and pushes me out of the way and dumps the other bowl of Uneaux's food into the trash can! I guess he thought he was helping but as soon as I realized what he was doing I screamed "NOAH!" and then he dropped the whole bowl of food on the ground. Great...so not only was I cleaning the bowl mess he caused, Clint then had to sweep the floor. I know he thought he was helping but it caused a great mess. He really didn't understand why we were upset and correcting him. Oh well, he is too cute to stay mad at for long!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sick Noah...AGAIN!

Remember my last blog post saying we were going back to recheck his ears? Last Friday when we went they were perfect ears! However, Monday came and we had quite a scare. My mom called me on my way home from work saying Noah felt warm. I got there took his temp and it was 102.5, which was high but not very alarming. I knew he had 2 teeth coming in so didn't think much about it. Later that night he was burning up, so I took his temperature and it was 103.1. Being a worry wart since he never had fever that high I called the on call pediatrician. They told us to go to the ER. I so wasn't expecting that, so I got ready and we left. Before we did we checked his temp again and it was 103.6, so off we went to EJ. We checked in and everything was going fast and smooth until we got into the actual room and we waited...and waited. Thankfully Noah was sleeping, which was great because I'm not sure how he would have survived waiting that long in a stroller. Diagnosis: DOUBLE ear infection again! Seriously, he was well for 48 hours. It's been so hard with him being sick and moving, but we are doing it. He doesn't have fever anymore but still taking meds...stay tuned. Hoepfully we are over this!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sick Noah

Last week I was home with Noah. It was such a long week for us. I really felt bad for him. He had a terrible cough and a double ear infection. He was put on a breathing machine 3x a day. He hated it! The silver lining was that Labor Day was Monday so I missed 4 days instead of 5 from work. He had fever for over a week, it was a miserable time. I haven't spent that much time IN my house since I was on bed rest and you know how miserable I was then.
We actually go back today to recheck his ears. Hopefully they are all clear and we are done with this!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Squeaky Shoes

Noah loves his squeaky shoes. Check it out!

It's Official

We are now homeowners! I'm so excited and nervous. The whole process was miserable, seriously I'd rather be in labor/delivery AND with the bed rest than to do this again. I hope we are in this house for a long...long time. We have met a few of the neighbors and most of them have kiddos the same age as Noah. I'm so excited about that.
We are starting this weekend on the paint, then floors will be next weekend.

I think he likes it

This week Clint and I had to go to orientation for Noah's "school". It was so cute, I felt like a real parent. It was adorable to see his little name on the bulletin boards and to see his schedule. It made me more excited than sad, which is good.
A few days after orientation they then invite the parents with their kids to come to meet the teachers and their classmates. Once we got there Noah just ran off and totally dissed us. I don't think he even looked for us once, he was over it kinda like "Oh Mom, I got this!". It was neat to see him interact with other children. There were a few fights that broke out over dolls and trucks, but over all it was great. A little girl even followed him around and put her arm around him. I think he may have a girlfriend!
When we told Noah it was time to leave, he had a crazy tantrum. He started screaming and he threw himself on the floor and started kicking. Everyone thought this was funny ofcourse, except for Clint and I. I'm glad he liked it though and didn't want to leave. I hope he feels the same way next week.

18 Months

I took Noah in for his 18 month appointment last week. Talk about a miserable experience. It seems that no matter what time of day I have my appointment, I wait forever. I hate it! Sometimes Noah is an angel and other times he isn't. After waiting at least 30+ minutes in the waiting room we finally got to another room where we could begin another wait! Noah is now 29lbs and I *think* 33 inches (I didn't write the inches down).
Noah did fine with the doctor. He was playing with her and acting totally cute. However, as soon as she left he became out of control! We were waiting on his shots and it took forever. So picture Noah stripped down to his diaper and screaming non stop. "Mama, bye bye...MAMA bye BYE!", I was losing it. After waiting 20 minutes for the shots (which I NEVER wait that long), I then decided to open up our door so everyone can hear the screams. Then...like magic the shots arrived! Hooray! Noah didn't do well with the shots, he did his typical heart breaking cry. It makes me so sad. Wahhh.