Monday, August 3, 2009

Shopping and Sunsets

Ater we woke up this morning, we took a dip in the pool. Ahhh! All the kiddos (well most Abigail was still sleeping) were out swimming. Noah maybe last 10 minutes before he started to whine non stop. I'm not sure if he hates the pool, the heat, or it's just because he is sick but the whining doesn't seem to stop today.
Anyway, Clint and I got out with Noah while the rest of the gang swam. I forgot to mention in the past days that the Wii is a BIG hit! Guitar Hero seems to be the favorite around here. Robin is a guitar player, but isn't that good! However, Monique and Scott are pretty darn good at it! Monique is also good at Mario Kart. Dad tried to play it but wasn't very good but he loved playing!
Whew, got off track there. The kids played together for awhile and Robin's family began to pack since they had to get back home. I wish they could have stayed longer!
After they left we went off to Destin Commons. Noah is such a people watcher he is sometimes better being OUT then being at home. He loves checking everyone out. Destin Commons is really cute. It's like an outdoor strip mall. We mostly window shopped. I think I was the only one to buy something. I got a new Life Is Good hat. It was quite embarassing checking out. My debit card came up declined! What?!? I know I had money in there...ack! Thankfully I had some cash on me but as soon as we got out of the store I called Capital One. They said their debit system down across the board. Not a good thing when you want to go shopping...oh well.
Once we got back we decided to hit up the beach. And I mean we by Abigai, Brian, my dad, Monique and I. Clint and my mom stayed back with Noah since he was sleeping when I brought him back from the commons.
The beach was beautiful! We were there I guess around 6. Not a lot of people were there and it wasn't hot. It was the perfect time. Abigail and I ran into the waves and just hung out. It was fun. I hate the heat, so this is the BEST time for me!
Once we got dinner was ready, Clint was grilling steaks. Everything was yummy! Noah went to bed early. Abigail and I then made some rice krispie treats. Then we played Mario Kart and went to bed a bit earlier than usual. Excited for the rest of the week!

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