Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fun at Lowes

So last weekend we were at Lowes picking out paint. After we picked out some colors we browsed by the holiday section. They had a ton of Halloween decor out and since I'm obsessed with holidays we decided to check it out. We saw this life size skeleton but it didn't seem to be on...or so we thought. So we walked by and nothing happened, so we just stood there for a second and checked out some of the items. All of a sudden the skeleton turned his head and let out a big "muhahahahaha" and looked straight at us with his red devil eyes. Noah SCREAMED so loud and started to shake in terror! Clint said before he even shrieked I went and scooped Noah up since I could tell it was about to happen. I think we scarred him for life! Now looking back though it was kinda funny.

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