Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family fun time!

Ahhh, tomorrow we leave! I'm so upset! I can't believe our vacation is practically over. However, we had a great last day.
Clint, Noah and I slept in today. It was awesome! Noah is such an early riser that it's a real treat when we sleep past 7:30. After we woke up and had lunch we headed to the outlets and the commons to get somethings we eyed and wanted.
My dad and uncle Mike went to Seaside this morning. I wanted to take a ride out there but just didn't find the time! Seaside is so cute and I loved staying there years ago. Well, maybe next time.
After the outlets we all went to the beach. We took some pictures. We didn't get around to take pictures when Robin and the crew were there so it's not all the kiddos. I got some great shots of my dad and Noah.
Once we finished with the pictures we played at the beach. Noah and Abigail made some sand castles...or should I say Abigail tried to make them. I say try because whenever she built something Noah would just come and sit on it or kick it down! Such a bully.
Abigail, Clint and I went out in the water and boogie boarded. It was fun. The waves were very strong. We all stayed at the beach until it got dark. It was fun. When we all got back to the house Abigail, Noah, Clint and I swam for a while. While we swam Moe and my mom went and got dinner.
After dinner we had a girls night! Abigail had been wanting to go to the Melting Pot, so we finally did on the last night. Girls only! It was Abigail, Monique and myself. It was really fun. We got cheese, chocolate and chocktails! Mmmm. Abigail didn't like the cheese we got...which was weird b/c it's just like queso. Yum! However, she did like the chocolate she picked out (smores).
I can't believe we leave tomorrow. It's been such a relaxing week. Seriously, I didn't think of work very much and didn't even check my work email (which is huge for me since I check it at home a few times a night!!!). I can't wait to come back to the beach, it was a great vacation!

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