Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fun at Lowes

So last weekend we were at Lowes picking out paint. After we picked out some colors we browsed by the holiday section. They had a ton of Halloween decor out and since I'm obsessed with holidays we decided to check it out. We saw this life size skeleton but it didn't seem to be on...or so we thought. So we walked by and nothing happened, so we just stood there for a second and checked out some of the items. All of a sudden the skeleton turned his head and let out a big "muhahahahaha" and looked straight at us with his red devil eyes. Noah SCREAMED so loud and started to shake in terror! Clint said before he even shrieked I went and scooped Noah up since I could tell it was about to happen. I think we scarred him for life! Now looking back though it was kinda funny.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Little Laughter

It's fun to brush your teeth!

Noah loves to brush his teeth. Check him out in these videos.

Monday, August 17, 2009

A funny video

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family fun time!

Ahhh, tomorrow we leave! I'm so upset! I can't believe our vacation is practically over. However, we had a great last day.
Clint, Noah and I slept in today. It was awesome! Noah is such an early riser that it's a real treat when we sleep past 7:30. After we woke up and had lunch we headed to the outlets and the commons to get somethings we eyed and wanted.
My dad and uncle Mike went to Seaside this morning. I wanted to take a ride out there but just didn't find the time! Seaside is so cute and I loved staying there years ago. Well, maybe next time.
After the outlets we all went to the beach. We took some pictures. We didn't get around to take pictures when Robin and the crew were there so it's not all the kiddos. I got some great shots of my dad and Noah.
Once we finished with the pictures we played at the beach. Noah and Abigail made some sand castles...or should I say Abigail tried to make them. I say try because whenever she built something Noah would just come and sit on it or kick it down! Such a bully.
Abigail, Clint and I went out in the water and boogie boarded. It was fun. The waves were very strong. We all stayed at the beach until it got dark. It was fun. When we all got back to the house Abigail, Noah, Clint and I swam for a while. While we swam Moe and my mom went and got dinner.
After dinner we had a girls night! Abigail had been wanting to go to the Melting Pot, so we finally did on the last night. Girls only! It was Abigail, Monique and myself. It was really fun. We got cheese, chocolate and chocktails! Mmmm. Abigail didn't like the cheese we got...which was weird b/c it's just like queso. Yum! However, she did like the chocolate she picked out (smores).
I can't believe we leave tomorrow. It's been such a relaxing week. Seriously, I didn't think of work very much and didn't even check my work email (which is huge for me since I check it at home a few times a night!!!). I can't wait to come back to the beach, it was a great vacation!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Today we went to the gulfarium. It was awesome! While we were driving there we passed by the Ramada. Tiffany and I (along with our mothers) went there every summer on the last day of school. It brought back a lot of memories. I looked forward to that trip every year. It was s a blast.
Anyway, back to the gulfarium. They had many shows to see. We saw the sea lion show, the dolphin show and the multi species show. I think Noah likes the sea lion show the best. We were up front and he could see them very well. I liked ALL of the shows. They were really awesome. Another favorite was the penguins. They were little penguins and they were really cute. It made me think of Billy Madsion...teehee.
After lunch, we headed to Harbor Walk. It's an outdoor shopping area by the water. It was nice. We had lunch at Poppy's crab trap or something and it was very lousy. Seriously, DO NOT GO THERE! Clint didn't even finish his food, which is so unlike him!
We then came home and changed to head to the beach. Ahh, the beach. I could live at the beach this vacation. We went in the late afternoon again and it was cool and breezy. Noah loves running around in the water and playing in the sand. However, he tries to steal other kids sand toys. I'm not kidding. Noah could be a theif!
Once we got done at the beach we took a dip in the pool. Ahh, refreshing! Tonight Abigail, Monique and my dad went on a fireworks cruise. I can't wait to hear how it went! I wanted to go but the thought of being on a boat for 2 hours with Noah makes me a nervous wreck.
Tomorrow is our last FULL day at the beach, I don't want to leave!

Rainy Day

Today it rained...actually poured when we were at the outlets. It worked out well since we were shopping and not swimming or at the beach. The outlets had some good sales! Noah got some really cute stuff.
After we got back from the outlets Clint made jambalaya. Yum! Shay and Uncle Mike came up to visit too. After we fed Noah dinner and gave him a bath, Clint and I went to the movies!!! I was so excited. We haven't been to the movies since fall of 2007! I was psyched! We saw Funny People and it was hilarious!
Tomorrow we are going to the Gulfarium!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Camo and bows?

Today we went and had lunch at Pompano Joe's. It was really nice since it's located on the beach. We looked out at the water while we had lunch. The breeze was very nice! They had some "reggae rolls" which was their version of southwest egg rolls. They were good but not as good as Angela's!
After we had lunch we cruised a little bit. Clint wanted to go to Bass Pro Shop. Ugh. I wasn't excited about this. However, I sucked it up and went. Let me tell you...NEVER again will I go there. Seriously, I hated it! They had camo onsies with a white ruffle and bow. EWW bows and camouflage? BARF! I was a good sport and sucked it up once! I won't go again unless Noah begs me to go.
We headed to the beach again this afternoon. It was amazing! I swear around 5 is the best time to go. The crowds are minimal and the sun is slowly going down. This works out great for Noah since he hates the sun (it hurts his light eyes). He played with his shovel and burried my feet in the sand. We took him out in the water and he had a blast. He kept on running around in the water, it was adorable.
I even took the boogie board out there and caught some waves! It was a lot of fun! I love going late in the day because the sun isn't burning my albino skin. Once we left the beach we decided to take a dip in the pool. Again, Noah was great! I think we need to save outdoor activities till the late afternoon. He is a totally different baby then! MUCH more enjoyable!
Tomorrow we are hitting up the outlets! Yahoo!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Shopping and Sunsets

Ater we woke up this morning, we took a dip in the pool. Ahhh! All the kiddos (well most Abigail was still sleeping) were out swimming. Noah maybe last 10 minutes before he started to whine non stop. I'm not sure if he hates the pool, the heat, or it's just because he is sick but the whining doesn't seem to stop today.
Anyway, Clint and I got out with Noah while the rest of the gang swam. I forgot to mention in the past days that the Wii is a BIG hit! Guitar Hero seems to be the favorite around here. Robin is a guitar player, but isn't that good! However, Monique and Scott are pretty darn good at it! Monique is also good at Mario Kart. Dad tried to play it but wasn't very good but he loved playing!
Whew, got off track there. The kids played together for awhile and Robin's family began to pack since they had to get back home. I wish they could have stayed longer!
After they left we went off to Destin Commons. Noah is such a people watcher he is sometimes better being OUT then being at home. He loves checking everyone out. Destin Commons is really cute. It's like an outdoor strip mall. We mostly window shopped. I think I was the only one to buy something. I got a new Life Is Good hat. It was quite embarassing checking out. My debit card came up declined! What?!? I know I had money in there...ack! Thankfully I had some cash on me but as soon as we got out of the store I called Capital One. They said their debit system down across the board. Not a good thing when you want to go shopping...oh well.
Once we got back we decided to hit up the beach. And I mean we by Abigai, Brian, my dad, Monique and I. Clint and my mom stayed back with Noah since he was sleeping when I brought him back from the commons.
The beach was beautiful! We were there I guess around 6. Not a lot of people were there and it wasn't hot. It was the perfect time. Abigail and I ran into the waves and just hung out. It was fun. I hate the heat, so this is the BEST time for me!
Once we got dinner was ready, Clint was grilling steaks. Everything was yummy! Noah went to bed early. Abigail and I then made some rice krispie treats. Then we played Mario Kart and went to bed a bit earlier than usual. Excited for the rest of the week!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Already burnt!

Sunday Noah was up bright and early, even though he was up late partying with his cousins. It amazes me that if he goes to bed at 9 or 12:30 he is still up early! As soon as he woke up, he ran out of his room to see his friends. However, they were all still sleeping.
Since Noah was up so early, we decided to hit the beach. I never remember the beach here in Destin being so nice! The water was so pretty. The beach is a short walk from the house. Once we got to the beach we set up our spot. Clint went in the water to try to catch some waves. They had a few guys on surf boards. The water had a LOT of big waves, it felt great. Noah and I at first just sat on the sand. He played with the sand and his little bucket. We then went to the edge of the water and sat there while we let the water hit our legs. He really liked it...even so much that he tried to eat a bit of sand. Eww!
Once we got back we decided to take a dip in the pool. When we got back, the other crew was just making it to the beach. Everyone had a great day at the beach and swimming in the pool.
We went out to dinner, well we TRIED to go out to dinner. Every place was super packed! Since we have a party of 13 it's not the easiest task to do. We ended up going to the Bonefish Grill. I have went once before and thought it was OK but OMG it was so yummy! The bang bang shrimp were incredible! We sat outside and enjoyed some of the breeze and fresh air. It was a nice dinner.
After dinner, we went cruising. We drove up and down the strip and saw all the touristy things. Big Kahunas water park looked SO much bigger than I remember it. The last time I went was the summer of 2002 and it looks a LOT bigger now. Clint went to one of the many tourist shops that ALL looked the same to get a boogie board. Noah was already asleep once we hit the car so we all couldn't go look so we had to take turns of our tacky tourist shopping.
Noah has had a fever every time I take his temperature. Poor guy. He has an ear infection and is on antibiotics. He doesn't seem to mind though, he is still having a blast! However, I am already burnt! It's ONLY day 2! Oy!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

They call me Mellow Yellow....

AHH we finally made it to 'da beach! The traffic was TERRIBLE on the way here. Seriously, I felt like we drove forever!
We stopped and had lunch at Cracker Barrel in Pascagoula. Noah had his typical biscuit screaming fiasco. He looooves carbs! When I went to get him out of his high chair he kept on reaching for the plate of biscuits and I kept on pushing it further away from him. Well...last minute as I picked him up he managed to pull the whole plate towards him and get about 3-4 biscuits on the ground. Ahh...sometimes going out to eat is a real pain!
After leaving Cracker Barrel Noah screamed the WHOLE way to Florida. I'm not joking....the whole freakin' way! I saw a Starbucks symbol from the interstate and immediately got off. I seriously needed a cafeeine pick me up for the traffic and the non stop screaming. The tunnel in Mobile was so bottle necked. I swear we sat there for about 30 minutes which is annoying in itself BUT top it off with the screaming.
Anyway, after a long whining drive to Florida we finally arrived. Where our beach house is located it's right off the bridge from the interstate so all we did was just get to the house. "Mellow Yellow" is really cute! The house is yellow obviously, and it has a cute porch. The pool isn't huge but definetly suits us and the beach is only a short walk away.
After dinner the kids played the Wii till 12:30. I can't believe Noah stayed up that long with them. He was having a blast!
Ta ta for now, I'll check back in tomorrow.