Monday, June 29, 2009

Do you remember the time?

In honor of Michael Jackson, I have a funny little story to tell.

Tiffany LOVED Michael Jackson growing up. Like seriously loved him. Not sure if many saw these, but Michael Jackson had some candy bars back in the day. Tiffany and I had these chocolate bars (I'm assuming Tiffany had them, and gave me one). We both can't remember the exact story BUT we remember eating the chocolate candy bars and that one melted on a car seat. We got yelled at and were in serious trouble. However, we can't remember what car it was in! It was either our mothers or my sister Monique's. Hmmpf. What a funny little story! When I spoke to Tiffany after hearing about MJ's death she said "I'm sure you don't remeber this...but" and I finished her sentence about the chocolate story. Hehe, funny.

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