Wednesday, June 17, 2009

15 Month Appointment

Last Friday I took Noah to his 15 month appointment. Thankfully we didn't have to wait a good hour in the waiting room like my friend had to do earlier in the week. I was dreading the thought of waiting in a room the size of a hamester with Noah running around like a crazy beast, glad things worked out. Whew.
As usual, the first thing we do is get Noah weighed. He weighed 29lbs! No wonder why I feel like my arms are BREAKING when I carry him. He was off the charts for weight. The pediatrician told me to stop giving him as many bottles, so he is down to 3 bottles a day. He gets one in the morning, one midday at my mom's, and then one right before bed. I'm also trying to cut out his puff habit! I am only saving them for dire situations to keep him entertained (like last night out to eat at dinner).
For height he was 32.5 inches. I'm not sure where this falls on the chart, but it seemed pretty normal. Lets get serious, based on his parents height he won't be very tall!
Noah even did some of his tricks for the pediatrician, incluiding showing her where his nose was. He got 2 shots and was less than pleased for one of them. He did just fine for the chicken pox vaccine, but for the MMR he SCREAMED. I felt so bad! It's crazy to think that our kids won't get the chicken pox anymore. Ahh the joys of medicine, right?
Our next check up is at 18 months, stay tuned!
And for your viewing pleasure, some new pics of Noah.
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