Thursday, May 28, 2009

Starting in the fall Noah will be going to Kid's Day Out program for 1 day a week for a few hours. A week or so ago Clint and I had to go and register him. We were very excited he is going here since we were on the waiting list. The place was so cute! I got to spy on the classrooms and see all the little kiddos playing together. It was really sweet. It makes me tear up already! How in the heck will I survive Noah's 1st day of kindergarten? I know this will be great for him, he LOVES little kids so I know he will fit right in.

Noah is such a little lover. This past Friday we saw Clint's cousins cousin (got that?) and his son who is a week or so younger than Noah. Noah walked right up to him and tried to hug him! How sweet is that? They played a bit, but Noah was more interested in me making the crawfish dance or eating crackers. Can't blame him right?

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