Thursday, May 28, 2009

Starting in the fall Noah will be going to Kid's Day Out program for 1 day a week for a few hours. A week or so ago Clint and I had to go and register him. We were very excited he is going here since we were on the waiting list. The place was so cute! I got to spy on the classrooms and see all the little kiddos playing together. It was really sweet. It makes me tear up already! How in the heck will I survive Noah's 1st day of kindergarten? I know this will be great for him, he LOVES little kids so I know he will fit right in.

Noah is such a little lover. This past Friday we saw Clint's cousins cousin (got that?) and his son who is a week or so younger than Noah. Noah walked right up to him and tried to hug him! How sweet is that? They played a bit, but Noah was more interested in me making the crawfish dance or eating crackers. Can't blame him right?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Oy! What a headache!

We have still been looking at houses. 2 weeks ago we put in an offer on a house. It was a great house, very spacious, great location and needed a good amount of work but all in all it was really awesome. They countered our offer so we walked away and figured "eh". Well the listing agent suggested we make another offer, so we did...and they countered again which wasn't much less than the 1st time! Ugh...what a headache. I'm thinking it's a sign to just leave it be. However, there isn't much out there that we haven't seen. Hopefully the right house will come along soon! Noah is totally outgrowing our place now. My goal is to be in a house by Christmas, cross your fingers!

The Spaghetti Monster

The first few times Noah had spaghetti he could take it or leave it. He barely finished it. Well we had some rotini pasta with meatballs and ofcourse marina and he loved it! Maybe he just didn't like angel hair pasta? Go figure.
Anyway, whenever he eats spaghetti it's a complete mess. I'm talking about having to clean his whole high chair and ofcourse him from head to toe after. It's rather gross, but he seems to love it!
Whenever Noah thinks he is very funny he starts talking in his "monster" voice. It's a pretty scary voice for a toddler to have, but he thinks it's hilarious. This is why we named him the spaghetti monster!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Let me start off by saying how lucky I am to be a mom. I love being a mother. I can't imagine why some people choose not to have children, Noah makes my life better each day!
Mother's Day started out great. As soon as Noah woke up, Clint took him to go get me some breakfast. They of course went to Starbucks to get me coffee, then to La Madeline to get me the fruit tart that I love so much. What a nice surprise! While they were gone I was able to take a nice bubble bath. It was very weird to be in the house completely alone...I don't think that has happend since before Noah was born.
After breakfast Noah wobbled over handing me his card and his presents. I received the new Tori Spelling book "Mommyhood". I loved her last book, so I'm so excited to start this one! Noah also gave me a gift certificate to get a mani/pedi!
We went with my family to Zea's for lunch. It was really nice. Noah enjoyed the food of course! Whenever we go out to eat he expect to be fed non stop if he is in his high chair. He loved the sweet potatoes.
After lunch we then went to my Aunt's house to visit with my grandmother, my aunts/uncles and cousins. Noah went swimming for the 1st time this summer. At first he was totally weirded out by it and hated it. He warmed up to it though and then had a blast!
All in all it was a great Mother's Day! If you are a mom, I hope your day was fabulous!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A week or so ago Noah had a bad fever that we just couldn't break. So, I took him to the Dr (it was a Monday) and she said it's probably nothing and it was no big deal. However, we did get a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia since Deuce was just diagnosed with it. Everything came back fine. Well, the fever was still high (over 103)on Wednesday. The Dr. thinks it's roseola and to look out for some bumps...well within a few hours he got some! Poor thing, it was little bumps pretty much all over his body but his face. They didn't itch though! I was getting so nervous b/c of the fever, but after those bumps appeared the fever was gone! It was a tough few days because he was so whiney...but in a way I LOVED it because he let me cuddle with him a few times a day! I can't cuddle with Noah at all anymore, so that was the silver lining to him being sick.

Totally Random

I know this is random but I just saw some pictures on facebook from a high school friend who just had a baby with a picture of food saying "Finally I can eat!" and boy can I remember that after having Noah. I swear EJ had the BEST french toast in the WORLD on 2/26/08! It was soooo good...or was it just because I didn't eat in over 24 hours?