Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Time

I'm so happy it's now spring. I love how it stays light later, it finally gives Noah and I some time to spend together outside after I get home from work. He loves his swing! He giggles and smiles most of the time he is in it, it's so sweet. Since the weather has changed to being warm, I packed up a lot of his clothes that I figured wouldn't fit him in the fall and moved some to the back of his closet. It's so sad packing up clothes, a few weeks back I held the preemie onesies he used to wear all the time and almost started sobbing. He was once so little, and now he is so big!

And yes, I do mean so big. At his appointment on Monday to recheck his ears he is now weighing 26lbs 7oz (which is about the 75th percentile). He is just so heavy to hold, my arm honestly feels the burn when I'm holding him for longer than a few minutes.

He is walking really well. However, Clint said he walks like a drunk elf! He will get better with time. I have been told by Tiffany that I need to take more videos, so stay tuned for that.

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