Saturday, April 11, 2009

Raise The Flag!

Panchos has reopened in Metairie and we have driven by it many times since we live so close to it. The lines are crazy long. Clint has been dying to go, so we decided to go over Easter. Saturday morning we woke up (which was around 7) and decided since we were up so early we may as well brave the Panchos line. Panchos opens at 10:30, so we arrove around 10AM...already to a line! We stood in line and within a matter of minutes it was about 30 people deep. Kinda weird to be waiting in line for lunch at 10AM..but beats standing in it for hours (which friends of ours have). It did not dissapoint! It's still as greasy and yummy as ever! However, I wasn't able to eat my flautas with cheese with my favorite Panchos friend, Tiffany. Next time she is in town, we are going!

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Anonymous said...

i totally went to ponchos with my "big sis" in high school and she made me lie on the ground IN THE KITCHEN AREA and sizzle on the ground like bacon. ah, memories.