Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where did my good eater go?

Since Noah began eating, he has always been an excellent eater. I think one time he didn't like the stage 3 foods (pretty sure it was chicken noodle) but he liked it the next time. I just think it was the change in texture. Well now whenever I give him anything new, he loves it the first 5-10 bites then he spits it all out! For example, on Saturday I made this Gerber graduates side that was cheddar mashed potatoes and broccoli (which stunk SO bad when I heated it up, but Clint said it was pretty yummy). The first few bites, he loved it! Then all of a sudden, he started sticking his tongue out and like gagging. However, he would still accept the spoon of food when I gave it to him. It's so odd. I hope this isn't the beginning of boycotting food! He was such an easy baby because he liked everything...hope those days aren't long gone!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sick baby boy

I was off of work on Monday so I went out to lunch with Shannon and Brooke with Noah in tow. Noah was having a blast as usual and giggling with the girls. At PJ's I felt his head and thought he was warm. However, he was laughing and having fun so I just thought "Well, I guess he is hot". He fell asleep in the car and I then went to put him in his crib once we got home. He took a pretty long nap, but I thought nothing of it.

Once he woke up, I could just feel the heat coming off of him. I took his temperature and he was around 102. I began to just watch him but got nervous and called the on call Dr. They just said to give him Tylenol and if it got higher to take him to the ER and if he still had fever in the morning them to take him to the Dr. He just wasn't himself. He wanted to just sleep or be held.
When we woke up, he didn't have a fever. Within 30 minutes he felt super warm again and his fever was back up. I then called and made an appointment to take him to the doctor. Once we got there he was weighed and he is now 23lbs 4oz. Big boy!

Once we met with the doctor she said he had a virus and a double ear infection. Poor guy! We have an antibiotic for him and are instructed to give him Tylenol. It's been a rough 2 days with him. One second I think he is fine...then the next he has a fever and has the "glass eye" look. I hope we get over this soon, I don't like seeing him sick. We have to go back in 2 weeks for his ears. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

10 Months

I can't believe Noah is now 10 months! It seems like he is more of a "big boy"...if a 10 month old can even be called that...these past few weeks. He is very good with his cruising, I think he will walk soon. Once he begins walking he won't be a little baby anymore! Where did this past year go?
One of Noah's new favorite things is this CD Clint's aunt gave us. It's a Disney CD and the first song is "I'll be coming 'round the mountain". It has Mickey and Goofy signing and every time I put it on Noah looks around to see if they are here! He gets confused that it's just a song and not the characters here like in Disney World. It's cute. He starts bouncing up and down and his eyes get really wide! It's the cutest thing! Thankfully, I'm not sick of the song...yet. In time I suppose!

Friday, January 9, 2009


As most people know, I always have my camera on me. I'm forever making scrapbooks and uploading pictures for everyone to share. I think I am like this because my mom barely ever took photos. Honestly, when we made my Sweet 16 book I only had baby pictures...then I was like 5. My friends teased that I was really adopted or something equally lame (love ya girls!).

So anyway, I was at Shannon's grandmothers funeral yesterday and they had bulletin boards with pictures on it and I really liked seeing her memories through pictures. Of course there were typical weddings/births/graduations. It was great to see them all. A little old lady was also looking at them and just reminiscing on the old times.

Not sure my point to this blog, but just a reminder to save your pictures. They are the best way to remember things!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Side note: I do know that I have to do some blogs about our fab Disney World vacation during Christmas. I hope to do that this weekend.

Noah is all about the "cruising" (you know, the holding on to furniture while walking deal). It's really cute but very nerve racking! We have no carpet in our place just hard wood and BIG HARD tiles. So...whenever he falls my heart beats super fast. Well he is becoming such a pro and is quite daring. Lately, I have tried to trick him by holding out in front of him a cookie or his favorite toy..or using Uneaux as a prop. It's like he knows what I want him to do and he just looks at me and looks away and giggles! It's cute, like he is saying "Oh Mom, you are too silly!"

I've read on some sites that this means full on walking is very near in our future. I'm not too sure if we are ready for that yet! He is such a good crawler, he is super fast! However, walking would have been great in Disney World. I can't tell you how hard it was to hold my moose of a son in line for long spans!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Noah currently has 4 teeth. Two on the top, and two on the bottom. Teething has never been fun but lately...it's really been hell! During our trip in Disney World he SCREAMED one night...all night. I'm not talking about waking up once or twice and crying for 10 minutes, I mean he cried for straight hours. Side note: The Polynesian must have incredible wall's because my parents next door didn't hear a thing! Well anyway, the next day I saw a little tooth coming through on the bottom. I was relieved to know that it was just a tooth.
So that lasted one night and his sleep was off here and there but we just figured hey, we are traveling, it's normal. Well the past few nights since we have been home Noah hasn't slept one night ALL the way through. He is now 10 months....Clint and I are exhausted by this! Last night he went to bed a bit earlier than usual (around 9...he is a night owl I tell you). Anyway, he let out a whimper around 10:30 but went back to sleep. We gave him some Tylenol before bed to help with his pain. Well geez...come 4AM and hell broke loose!! Clint got up and gave him a small bottle thinking this would hold him over till 6 when we get up...but nope! He screamed and screamed!!! Clint took care of him for the most part (thanks for that!...he had a meeting with an advisor at 8:30 at UNO so he wasn't rushing off to work). Well, once I got up and out the shower Clint went to get us breakfast and poor Noah cried the WHOLE time. I mean for 15 minutes straight! Nothing that I would do would soothe him. It was very sad. The screaming continued until I put him in the car and then he zonked out! He sometimes falls asleep in the car but then quickly wakes up when the car stops but he was out like a light! Phew!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Of course I have the typical resolutions like eat better, exercise more, yada yada yada. But this year, I am having a different one. I am going to love those more who love me. I feel like most of the end of 2008 I was reaching out to others who weren't reaching back. I'm sick of throwing myself out there. So from now on, I'm going to try more on those who are already in my life. I'm going to be a better daughter, sister, aunt, friend, wife and above all mother. I can't wait to see what 2009 brings us...but 2008 was a great year and will be hard to beat!!

Back Tracking...Christmas

This blog should have been written weeks ago...so pretend this is a time warp....

We celebrated Christmas with Clint's mom and brother and sister the weekend before we left for Disney World. It was a really great time. Clint made his yummy jambalaya and Clint's mom brought over some really yummy corn and crab soup (one of my fav's).

Noah's "gammie" (I hope I got the spelling right!) gave him tons and tons of toys! His favorite toy (actually his favorite toy of ALL he got during Christmas) is the Fisher Price Ride A Long Lion. He loves it! He hasn't gotten the whole concept to stand behind it and push it but he loves to pull up on it and ride it. It's really cute.

We gave Clint's mom a calendar fully loaded with pictures of Noah and our family from the past year. It was really cool and it was fun to make. I actually just got a code for a free calendar when I bought my new camera...I'm thinking about making one for myself!
When Clint's mom was leaving she gave Clint a piece of paper with a clue on it. We were kinda confused but followed the clues. It was really fun! The clues were like "Noah sleeps here"..."Uneaux's treats"...."Tastes good on toast". It was cute! It lead us to the tree with a stocking with a gift in it. It was very thoughtful and a lot of fun. I don't know how they put all the clues in the house while we were here, it was pretty awesome.