Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sneaux Day!

I woke up and got ready like any typical day. I got in my car and did my usual Starbucks run before dropping Noah off at my mom's. Then all of a sudden I thought I started seeing snow...not just little specs but actual SNOW! I called Clint (who was actually home from work b/c he had the stomach flu, poor guy) for him to confirm my crazy thoughts and that I wasn't crazy. I just couldn't believe it was SNOWING! Of course...I didn't have my camera ON me. Thankfully when I got to my parents my dad had his camera out and snapped a picture of Noah and I. I then began going to work, but honestly it was quite icy/slippery and I had no idea how to drive in this weather. I called work to tell them I was running late due to the weather and they told me to enjoy the snow! Score!
I then went back and got Noah and went back home. I put him in the warmest clothes I could find (which wasn't much at all) and we braved outside. I got a few cute snapshots of him. I then made 2 little snowmen...which actually turned out to look like little birds in my opinion. Oh well.

Anyway, it was a GREAT surprise this season! However, I hope history doesn't repeat itself. The last time it snowed was the Christmas before Katrina....

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kicking off the season

This past weekend was a great jump start to the holiday season. On Friday night we went to Celebration in the Oaks. It was a lot of fun. Noah really liked the "Cajun Night Before Christmas" story. The lights would jump and appear to tell the story. It was cute. It was very cold though!!! I was so nervous Noah wasn't warm enough, but he was fine.
Saturday morning we went to our annual family outing to a holiday tea. This year we went to the tea at the Monteleone Hotel. A lion named "Monte" was there...get it? It was really cute. They ofcourse had delicious scones to much on along with other yummy things such as chocolate covered strawberries. Many holiday characters were there such as Frosty, Rudolph, a fairy princess, and ofcourse Santa and Mrs.Clause. Noah would just stare at the characters, thankfully he wasn't afraid of them. It was a really good time, I can't believe next year he will be all over the place walking at the tea! Scary to think about!

That night we went to Christmas on the Bayou at Cabrini. As usual, it was fun. It's a tradition I've always attended since high school (or atleast tried to attend). Angela and Ashlee were there and I also got to see a few old teachers. It's always great going back to Cabrini. I especially liked hearing the Crescent Cradle doing the living nativity scene. It was so adorable!!! I loved hearing all the little kids sing. Noah then saw Santa and he was less than impressed. Like earlier in the day he wouldn't look at the camera but just stared at Santa or the other characters. Oh well. Maybe I can get a good shot of him with Santa in Disney World.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Noah is now a little babbling machine. It's very cute to hear him respond to our voices or just to hear his sweet little tone. His favorite thing to say is "Dada". Now of course the first few months it was adorable. Now...that is the majority of what he says. Every once in a while I think I hear a "yeah". He can't say anything for dear old Momma. Such a man to keep me waiting, right?
Maybe one day he will remember that "Momma" was the one on bed rest for weeks and actually delivered him on the day that I was supposed to be rocking out to Michael Buble. I swear when Noah is older and my heart throb Michael Buble is doing the casino circuit, he owes me tickets...make that INCREDIBLE tickets.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ahh the jumperoo...how I love thee. Noah has LOVED his jumperoo since he was around 2 months. We still use it to this day. It has been a true life saver to free your hands to do things and he really enjoys it. The weight limit on the jumperoo is 25lbs. I was so afraid that Noah would be pushing 25lbs at this point in the game. However, he isn't! Hooray, I still have the jumperoo for a few more months!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

9 Months....

Noah is now 9 months. I can't believe it! At his appointment he was 22lbs 5oz and 29 inches. He is growing like a little weed, but slowing down quite a bit also. He is now very active and is a crawling beast! He is quite the daredevil also. It scares the crap out of me! His favorite thing is to pull up on chairs lately.

We have let him be more "free" in our den/kitchen lately. He has suddenly discovered Uneaux's food. He actually flipped the whole bowl over on Sunday. I picked him up and went to change him and noticed he had something in his mouth...he had a piece of the dog's food! AH! I reached in and got it out...but who knows if he ate some. Either way he is fine and well.

Noah had to get 4 shots and he took them like a champ. The only problem we had was that he woke up 2x during the night, and again last night. He was doing great for a while with sleeping all night...so hopefully we can bounce back soon. I was really enjoying my Zzzz's.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gobble Gobble..

Thanksgiving has now come and gone! Wow, time is literally passing before my eyes! This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with Clint's mom. It was great that she let us come by literally the DAY of!! We had plans to go to my sisters in Mississippi. However, there was a bad stomach bug going around so we decided to pass since Noah is still oh so little.

Noah really enjoyed everything he tasted on Thanksgiving! He really liked the turkey, green bean casserole and sweet potatoes! Honestly...Noah likes just about anything! He wore the cutest little turkey overalls and a turkey headband...or as Clint's mom called it his "turkey ears".

This year I am so thankful for having my little man! He is so much fun and every month I say "OH I wish he stayed this age forever". I can't wait to see him grow up and learn everything.