Monday, November 10, 2008

Adventures In Eating

Noah isn't a picky eater, and has never fussed over anything we have given him. He has mastered all the stage 2 foods, so we moved onto the stage 3. He did perfectly fine with it! For those that don't know, stage 3 have chunks of food in it (like the vegetable chicken dinner may have chunks of carrots in it). I've read that some babies have trouble transitioning to stage 3's since they are thickier and chunkier but Noah had zero problems. He is such a great eater!

He has also started to eat some of our "table food". Over the weekend Noah had some pancakes and he loved them! And for those wondering, no I didn't put syrup on them. He is doing great with picking up cheerios/puffs and bringing it to his mouth and eating it. I can't get over how much he is growing and changing everyday!!

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