Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'll sleep when I'm dead!

Noah has nights when he sleeps all through the night...where other nights he can be up every 2 hours. We go to bed every night wondering what type of night it will be. Recently Noah has woken up the past 2 nights. Sunday night it was around 11:30, so I wasn't fully in the hardcore sleep mode. The worst is when he wakes up at 4AM, when we wake up around 6. Talk about bummer.

Now that I think about it...I never understood the term "sleep while you can". You get a lot of the "OH you just WAIT" advice from moms when you are pregnant. I just took it all in and now I really understand the lack of sleep. I thought the all nighters I pulled in college would be similar...or if I was up all night with insomnia or ill..but nothing compares!

The first few weeks of Noah's life were VERY tiring. He was up every 2 hours, and the first few weeks I had an alarm set to wake him up JUST to feed him because he wasn't gaining enough. The days were long, sleep was non exsistent and I couldn't live if I didn't have a loaded caffeine drink daily from Starbucks.

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