Thursday, October 30, 2008

Boo at the Zoo!

This past weekend we took Noah to Boo at the Zoo with all of his cousins. I've never been and I'm glad we took Noah. It was great to see all the kids dressed up on costumes, and some adults too! For kids more RJ and Georgia's age they had games where you could win prizes, a place to trick or treat and a ghost train.

They also had a haunted house, it had a scary side and a not scary side. Well we all went on the scary side (minus the babies they stayed with Monique). RJ didn't know we were doing the "scary" side and I have never seen the look of terror more in his face! He was screaming as loud as he could and was honestly scared out of his wits. Hopefully...he won't remember this and still go on Pirates, Haunted Mansion, etc. when we go to Disney World for Christmas. All in all it was great fun! We waited about 35 minutes for the ghost train...and wow was it hard to hold Noah that whole time! I'm sure he is 20lbs now. I had to place him on my shoulders because he just got too heavy to hold! I doubt he will be standing/walking by it shall be a good time waiting in lines with him at Disney World!

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